I want to renew my subscription

Here are the steps to follow depending on your Reacts usage.


I am using Reacts with Collaboration Live or Lumify:

Please contact your Philips Sales representative, or use the “Contact Us” button on the product page (Collaboration Live (https://www.philips.ca/healthcare/resources/landing/collaboration-live#form_51957), Lumify (https://www.philips.ca/healthcare/sites/lumify/ultrasound-realtime-collaboration#_contact)), submit your information and we’ll contact you.


I am using Reacts not integrated with a Philips Product:

We do not offer Reacts outside Reacts with Collaboration Live and Lumify. Therefore, you will not be able to renew your subscription(s).

Do not hesitate to visit the Philips pages below if you want to learn more about Reacts with Collaboration Live and Lumify :

Philips Collaboration Live | Philips Healthcare (https://www.philips.ca/healthcare/resources/landing/collaboration-live)

Ultrasound realtime collaboration | Philips Healthcare (https://www.philips.ca/healthcare/sites/lumify/ultrasound-realtime-collaboration)

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