How to prepare for my first video visit with my health professional using the Reacts application


A teleconsultation or video visit is a private, secure face-to-face appointment between you and your physician or other healthcare professional, on your smartphone, tablet or computer, at a specific time range. These are useful for follow-up appointments to discuss test results, review findings after a procedure or surgery, or address concerns that do not require a physical examination in the office. Consider this convenient option for your next follow-up, saving time and expenses.

The following instructions will allow you as a patient to prepare for your first Reacts video visit with your healthcare professional.

Please note that Reacts is a secure and confidential application which meets the high standards of the healthcare industry. YOUR PERSONNAL INFORMATION WILL ALWAYS BE PROTECTED.

If you want to learn more about our Privacy Notice, please read our documentation "Reacts - Privacy Notice".


To perform a virtual visit using Reacts, you will need:

  • A computer, tablet, or a smart phone (Please read our documentation "System requirements" to learn more)
  • An internet connection (cellular, Wi-Fi, or wired)
  • A valid personal email address
  • A Reacts account (will be assigned to you by your professional)
  • The Reacts application – either the web or mobile version

Step 1: Getting invited to Reacts by your healthcare professional


The first step in the process is for your healthcare professional to invite you by sending you a Reacts invitation by e-mail. You will need to provide a valid personal e-mail address to your professional to complete this step.


Step 2: Complete your Reacts account registration


You will then receive a Reacts email from your healthcare professional inviting you to join him or her on Reacts as a “Guest”.

Simply click the orange Join now button in the e-mail and you will be redirected to the Reacts website to complete your account registration.


Your first name, last name and email will be pre-filled based on the information provided by your healthcare provider, just create a password and confirm it (your password must be at least 8 characters, including at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one numeric character).

You will then need to review the Reacts Terms of Use and Privacy Notice.

Finalize your account creation by clicking on the Create my account button.



Once your Reacts account has been created, you will receive an email confirming “Your account has been created”.

Note: If you don’t receive this confirmation email, check your e-mail “spam” folder or contact your healthcare professional or your clinic


Step 3: Download the Reacts application on your tablet or smartphone, or access Reacts directly from your computer




  • Download the Reacts application in advance from the Apple Store (Apple iPhone or iPad) or from the Google Playstore (Android phones or tablets) by clicking on the store links in the account creation confirmation email (as shown below) or type “Reacts secure collaboration” in the Apple Store or Google Playstore.

*Note that you cannot use Reacts with a web-browser on your smartphone or tablet, you must use the Reacts application downloaded from the Apple store or Google Playstore (depending on your device type).

  • Once the application has been downloaded and installed on your device, open it by clicking on the Reacts icon:
  • When opening the application for the first time, you will be presented with pop-ups (see below) asking whether you accept Reacts sending you notifications and accessing your microphone and camera. It is ESSENTIAL that you click “Allow/OK” for all three pop-ups, otherwise you will not be able to receive Reacts notifications, and you won’t be able to see or hear your professional during a video visit.
  • To log in to the application, click on Login or Connect (depending on your mobile), enter your email and password and click "Login".

Screenshot_20220513-141533__1_.png    Screenshot_20220513-141546__1_.png    Screenshot_20220513-141943__1_.png    Screenshot_20220513-142953.png





  • If you are using a Mac or PC computer (laptop or desktop), you can access Reacts by using the Chrome browser and going to (If you don’t have Chrome on your computer, you can download it for free (
  • You will find the “login” button in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • This will bring you to the login page – enter your email and password and click on Log in.
  • This will launch the Reacts application. Make sure you then allow the application to send you notifications, and to use your camera and microphone (see below)



If you are using a pc with a Windows operating system, you can also access Reacts by downloading the Windows PC version.


Step 4: Log in to your Reacts account before your video visit


In order to perform a secure video visit with your healthcare provider using Reacts, log in to Reacts using your email address and the password you chose in step 2 above.

Once logged in to Reacts, you will be on the home page (see screenshots below showing the home pages of the various versions of Reacts):


Reacts iOS home page:


(Apple iPhone or iPad):



Reacts Android home page


(phones or tablets):


Reacts web app home page


(using Chrome):



Reacts Windows home page


(on Windows PC):


If you are using the web version of Reacts, make sure your microphone, webcam, and speakers are working before your session.
Just click on the icon in the audio-video settings panel (see below) to check everything.


If you haven’t agreed to share your webcam, microphone, and speakers when you first used Reacts, you can activate them by clicking on the small padlock icon in the bar at the top of your browser to access the panel. (see below)



Step 5: Be ready to join your virtual appointment with your professional


You should know (ahead of time) the date and time your doctor and/or healthcare professional will contact you on Reacts.

A little before your scheduled session time, connect to the application, go to the “My appointments” section, and click on the button to join your virtual appointment. This will bring you to the virtual waiting room. As soon as your professional is ready, he/she will join you and you will see him/her appear on the screen. See tutorial below.

VIDEO: How to join my virtual appointment on Reacts (

In some cases, the professional may tell you to connect to the application for a adhoc call at a pre-established time WITHOUT a scheduled virtual appointment. In such a case, just connect to the application at the agreed time. Just wait for the incoming call from your professional and answer it by clicking on the green icon as illustrated below.


You will then be placed in a secure video call with your healthcare provider.

If you experience technical issues, call your physician’s office.

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