How to move your users from one org. unit to another (within the same organization)


As an administrator, you can move your users from one org. unit to another one within the same organization.

*Note that you will move the user and the subscription assigned to them*

*If you wish to move unassigned subscriptions, please refer to our tutorial on how to distribute subscriptions within your organization* 



You must be an administrator of at least 2 org units from the same organization in order to move users.

You must have access to the Reacts dashboard.


How to move users

1. Open the org. unit where is located the user(s) that you want to move.mceclip0.png

2. Click on "Move Users".

3. Select the user(s) that you want to move and click on "Next".

4. Click on "Select a destination org unit" to select where you want to move the user(s), then click on "Save".

5. When you will see green checks, this means that everything worked, your user(s) and their subscription(s) have been moved. You can click on "Close" to go back to the main menu.



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