Reacts WebApp - Appointments

Reacts WebApp allows you to create and join appointments with one or more users at a time.


Note, if you have a PRO subscriptions, your counterparts do not need to be part of your contact list; the user will have access to Reacts until 12h after the time of the appointment.


You will find below the steps in order to : 

  • Create an appointment 
  • View the list of my appointment
  • Join or cancel an appointment

Create an appointment

  1. In the home page, click on "My Appointment" button on the left menu


  2. Click on the add icon


  3. Enter the information regarding the appointment :
    1. The title
    2. The date, start time and estimation date (note that the estimation date is just an indication : it will not affect the duration of your call)
    3. Add the email, first name and last of the participant(s) 
    4. Click on "Create appointment"


The attendee will receive an email to know that they are invited to an appointment :


View the list of my appointment

  1. Click on "My Appointments"


  2. You will then have then list of your Appointments


  3. Clicks on "View Attendees" to see them



Join or cancel an appointment

Join an Appointment

Note that you will only be able to join today's appointment. You will be able to join them as many times as you want.

  1. Click on Appointments


  2. Click on the Arrow of the appointment you want to join


  3. Verify and Apply your Audio-Video Settings


  4. Click on "Enter virtual waiting room"


  5. You will be brought to the waiting room and you will just need to wait for the other attendee



Cancel an Appointment

Only the creator of the appointment can cancel it.

To cancel an appointment:

  1. Go to your appointment list and click "Edit"

  2. Click on the red button

  3. Confirm the cancellation by clicking on the red button


  4. Your appointment is not tagged as CANCELLED 


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