How to setup Two-Factor Authentication

In addition to your Reacts password, you can add a two-factor authentication to your Reacts account.

Follow these steps to set it up:

- Login to Reacts and Go to "My account page" ( consule the page "How to access "My account" page from WebApp" for more information

- In the "My account" page, click on "Setup Two-Factor Authentication" button.



- For security reasons, you will be asked to login again: enter your information and click on "Login"


- Follow the steps indicated in the "Setup Second Factor Authentication" page 

- Enter the code you received in your application

- Click on "Validate"


A confirmation message will indicate that your second factor authentication is now setup:


From now on, every time you connect to any Reacts platform, you will be asked to enter your 6 digit second factor authentication code after logging in :



 Note: If you need to reset or turn off two-factor authentication, please ask your institution to contact Reacts support.

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