New way of managing scene background

We've been making changes based on your feedback in the way video stream and assets appears in the default scene background.

To see the video of this tutorial, please click here

Here is all you need to know (you will find the pdf of this tutorial at the end of the page)  :

  1. When starting a new scene, any asset or video stream that you drag and drop in the scene will appear as a floating asset


  2. To have a stream or asset occupy the full scene background, simply click on the lock icon in the scene menu (it will then appear as “unlocked”)…

  3. …and drag and drop in the scene the video stream or asset that you would like to occupy the full background

  4. Any additional video stream or asset added after that will appear as floating assets over the locked background

  5. To remove a background, simply delete it by doing a right-click on the background and select the “delete” option from the menu.



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