Features of Reacts Android

Reacts Android is available on Play store : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.reacts&hl=en

Here are the available features of Reacts Android and a quick look at what will be available soon.

Features Available

  • Contact Management (add, remove, accept contact request)
  • Face to Face and Session mode
  • Peer-to-peer (one counterpart) or multi-party calls (up to 5 counterparts)
  • Receive screen sharing
  • Receive image sharing
  • Receive multiple video streams
  • Multiple camera support
  • Mute Camera and mic
  • Receive live video stream from the Philips Lumify portable ultrasound system or Collaboration Live (depending on the Collaboration Live version)
  • Instant Messaging (one-on-one, group, roomes, add participant, leave conversation)
  • Appointment management (create, delete, join)
  • Settings management (add and edit of information like the avatar, name, on call status, etc)


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