Silent Update System — General Documentation


The Silent Update System is a Reacts mechanism designed to maintain the Reacts application up-to-date. The service allows IIT to deliver security and feature updates in a way that is fast, transparent, consistent, reliable and secure.


The Silent Update System automatically downloads and prepares new versions of the Reacts application in the background. As soon as the user Silent Update System closes and re-opens the Reacts application, the latest version is launched. The system has no impact on the end-user: the updates are applied without generating any interruption whatsoever.


Delivery Frequency

The Silent Update System supports two delivery frequencies, officially known as speed lanes: the Slowlane, and the Fastlane.



The Fastlane is the recommended way of receiving updates. By default, all new Reacts installations are subscribed to the Fastlane. Clients that subscribe to the Fastlane will receive Reacts updates as soon as they are stable and released to the public. Clients that subscribe to the Fastlane will benefit from the most up-to-date security and features.



For clients that have specific needs, a second speed lane is available. Clients that subscribe to the Slowlane will receive updates on a slower schedule. These clients won't benefit from the newest Reacts updates right away, but they will have more time to inspect, test, and approve new Reacts packages. Upon request, the Slowlane can be activated manually by following a specific procedure.



If for some reason, a client does not want automatic updates at all, it is possible to opt-out by disabling the feature during the initial Reacts installation.

Importante note : clients who decide to disable automatic updates won't receive the latest Reacts features, and won't get the most recent security patches, which might expose them to greater risk.


Technical Documentation


Domain Names

To allow the system to work, the following domain names must be whitelisted in organizational firewalls. These are part of the domain names already used by the Reacts application.

Domain Names

The service will connect regularly to this API to determine if newer versions are available.

If a newer version is available, the service will download the package at this address.


Outbound Ports

Only port 443 is used.

Inbound Ports

No inbound ports are used.


Only HTTPS is used.


Executable File
Windows service responsible to keep Reacts up-to-date.
Executable used to start the Reacts client.
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