Suggestion for Reacts set up on a mobile solution (medical cart)



Laptop PC with the following requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7 or 8
  • Processor : ≥ 2,8 GHz
  • RAM : 2 Gb or more
  • Hard drive space : 75 Mo required for installation of Reacts


HD webcams

Articulated arm to hold webcams. We order them from the B and H store (New-York), we also recommend to order few additional extensions and  clamps. Here are the details:

  1. Arm with clamp 

2. Additional clamp

3. Extension

Ergotron cart (Neo-Flex) 

Basket for additional storage

Omnidirectional USB microphone (for a higher audio quality, specifically if used in conference rooms)

Portable speakers (optional) (for a higher sound quality compared to what is provided by built in speakers)

Converter to convert digital video signal (DVI / VHA / HDMI) to USB (from ultrasound machine, bedside monitor, bronchoscope, etc). The USB signal is automatically detected by Reacts as a video input: Épiphan AV.iO HD



You can refer to this video on the instructions of how to user video converter with Reacts

** Other similar converters are available on the market.


Converter to convert analog video signal to USB. The USB signal is automatically detected by Reacts as a video input (don’t forget to install the converter’s driver). Various models exist and can be found on the web.

Other accessories:
Ethernet cable (3-6 M) if wired internet connection used.

USB extension with booster (optional) – if a long USB cable is needed for webcam or video converter


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