How do I change settings and account information in Reacts?

Watch this short Getting started - Overview


Change your account settings, language, configure your microphone, camera and speakers/output, restore deleted inputs or change your network settings.


  • How to change your account settings?

Watch video tutorial My Account

Choose option My Account from Settings menu to:

 Edit- click on the Edit button if you want to change any of your personal information.

Please note that you can't change your e-mail address, please contact Reacts support if you need to change it

 Change Avatar- choose this option to change your avatar

 Use toggles to choose which information you want to display online

 Change your password (email will be send to you with a link to Password change page)


  • How to change your language settings?

Watch video tutorial Choose a language

When you log in to Reacts for the first time your language will be set to the same one you choose during the registration process, to change your language choose option Language Settings, select a language and confirm.


  • How to configure or adjust your audio/video inputs/outputs?

Watch video tutorial Audio - video settings

Choose which device you want to change settings of:



 Camera- choose what camera you will use for Face to Face mode

 You can also refer to this document: How to adjust audio/video settings? 

For additional camera settings refer to: Reacts - Video Inputs/ Camera settings


  • How to change your network settings?

Watch video tutorial Network Settings 

Set up your proxy and other network settings if needed (this will depends on the level of security of a place where you are connecting from)


  • How to restore your deleted inputs?

Watch video tutorial Deleted Inputs

Simply highlight the input you need in the drop down list and choose Reactivate



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