Session interface - What is a Dynamic Grid?

Watch video tutorial on Dynamic grid

First input or asset that you place on a grid will become a Background asset.

Please note not all assets can be placed as Background assets: Images, Videos, Snapshots, Camera inputs- all can become Background assets, while 3D objects, Documents, Checklists and Reports- can't.


Dynamic grid subdivides in relation to what is already on a screen so it allows you to build a presentation exactly how you want it- you can have multiple backgrounds or move your backgrounds around. 


If you drag and drop something in the middle of a Dynamic grid it will become a Layered Asset, left click with your mouse to select a Layered Asset to then move, scale or rotate it. 

 Right click on a Background or a Layered asset for editing options:



If you have multiple Layered assets on your canvas and need to go back and edit or change your background use option Background Lock/Unlock from Menu bar- it will allow you to easily switch between Background assets and Layered assets:


When option Unlock Background is chosen your Layered assets will become transparent so you can add, remove, swap or edit your background(s): 


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