Session interface - Main Working Area

Watch video tutorial: Overview and general description of the session interface (



Main working area can be divided into several parts: 

 Assets panel (see the documentation "Session interface - Assets panel" for more information)

 Actions panel (see the documentation "Session interface - Actions panel" for more information)

Scene window

 Mute or unmute speakers and microphone, camera thumbnail, access share desktop/app and chat, status bar.


 Watch our tutorial Overview (


 On the Menu bar you have following options:

  •  Take a snapshot or record small video clip:

Watch out video tutorial on Snapshots (


Allows you to take a picture or video of whatever on a canvas. All the snapshots taken in a session appear in Snapshot Gallery and are stored in Snapshot Library in a folders named after the date when a snapshot was taken.


  •  Manage your Layers:

Watch our video tutorial on Layers (


If you have multiple Layered assets on one scene, Layers menu will help you to manage those assets



  • Lock or unlock your background:

Watch out video tutorial on Background (

You can put object or input on canvas as a Background Asset or as a Layered Asset.

To easily switch between managing Background and Layered Assets you can lock /unlock your background


  • Change camera ratio:

Watch out video tutorial on Adjusting the format of the scene window (

By default ratio is set to "Auto (best fit)

  Please note Ratio need to be changed before adding any assets otherwise all assets will be removed.


  • Turn on/off the pointer and change its settings:

Watch our video tutorial on Pointer (

 Adjust color and size of the pointer:


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