Session interface - Main Working Area

Watch video tutorial: Overview and general description of the session interface



Main working area can be divided into several parts: 

 Assets panel 

 Actions panel

Section to access Video Tutorials and Help page (section not available)

 Scene window with Dynamic grid

 Mute or unmute speakers and microphone, camera thumbnail, access share desktop/app and chat, status bar.


 Watch our tutorial Overview


 On the Menu bar you have following options:

  •  Take a snapshot or record small video clip:

Watch out video tutorial on Snapshots


Allows you to take a picture or video of whatever on a canvas. All the snapshots taken in a session appear in Snapshot Gallery and are stored in Snapshot Library in a folders named after the date when a snapshot was taken.


  •  Manage your Layers:

Watch our video tutorial on Layers


If you have multiple Layered assets on one scene, Layers menu will help you to manage those assets



  • Lock or unlock your background:

Watch out video tutorial on Background

You can put object or input on canvas as a Background Asset or as a Layered Asset.

To easily switch between managing Background and Layered Assets you can lock /unlock your background


  • Change camera ratio:

Watch out video tutorial on Adjusting the format of the scene window

By default ratio is set to "Auto (best fit)

  Please note Ratio need to be changed before adding any assets otherwise all assets will be removed.


  • Turn on/off the pointer and change its settings:

Watch our video tutorial on Pointer

 Adjust color and size of the pointer:


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