How do I start a session and share content?

Watch video tutorials: How to create scenes and presentations: Create scenes / Prepare and save a session / Open a saved session / How to do a live presentation of your saved session to a contact (

 You have multiple options to start a session:

  1. Go to Sessions --> Start Now --> New Session. From Main Session Interface choose the option Connect from Actions panel or option Sessions --> Open and open one of your saved sessions.
  2. You can also use your previously saved session: go to Sessions --> Start Now --> Saved sessions and choose from the list of your saved sessions, the one you want to open. When in the session, go to Actions panel, click on "Connect" and choose user that you want to connect with from your Contacts list.

After you are connected with another user there are 2 modes: Face to Face and Session mode.

In Face to Face mode you will have a camera input open on a screen so you can have a discussion with your counterpart.

In Session mode you can share your presentation, share app or desktop. To switch to Session mode, you would need to go to Actions panel and choose option Begin Session. In Session mode either a new Scene or a Scene from your previously saved presentation will open and you can start sharing your presentation.


To start or stop sharing you content with counterpart, on a Scene window go to Menu bar and choose option Share / Unshare:

 To indicate that you are sharing content top of your Scene window will become blue:

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