How do I create a session template

Watch video tutorial How to create scenes and presentations: Create scenes / Prepare and save a session / Open a saved session / How to do a live presentation of your saved session to a contact (

 Session template- is a presentation that you can prepare in advance, save and then use it during your live session. Session template consists of separate scenes on which you can have different backgrounds and different Layered Assets.

To create a session template from the Home menu choose Sessions --> Start now --> New Session. Then start by adding inputs or assets to a main canvas (scene):


Dynamic grid - please note that the dynanic grid is not available anymore. 

Note: Documents, Checklists, Reports or 3D objects can't be used as background, also Documents, Checklists and Reports can't become Layered assets.


There are multiple ways to manage your Layered assets:

  • left click with your mouse to select an item to then move, scale or rotate; 
  • right click on any asset to access Advanced tools to manage your object:


  • if you have multiple objects on canvas go to option Layers on Menu bar to manage your objects.

To edit or swap your Background asset unlock your background from Menu bar and then drag your background or right click for more edit options: 



 When you are ready to save your session go to Actions panel, choose Session and Save:


You will be prompted to type in your session name and click Save:


For more information, you can consult the documentation:

How to access and manage my saved sessions?

How to start a session and share content?

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