Library- How do I download, organize, store and manage different assets?

From Library you can access, sync and organize your assets, document, reports and checklists, import new ones. On the left side of Library window you have the side bar that allows you to navigate between different types of assets (images, video, 3D objects, snapshot galley) and document, checklists, reports and option to go back to the Home menu:


Now let's look closer at the top part of the window which is unified for all your assets and allows you to perform multiple actions.


 Import New Assets- this option allows you to add images, video, 3D objects, document to Reacts- simply click on the button, navigate to the folder where you want to import objects from, highlight them and choose Open.


 Option New Folder allows you to create a new folder to manage and organize your assets.


In Reacts any asset are saved on the Reacts server (in order for you to access your asset from everywhere). If you want to use your asset, you will need to synchronize them in order for them to also be stored locally during your session.


From Library you can manage, organize and edit your assets and folders.

Tip: Sync your assets prior to working with them so you have all the edit options available.

  • Manage your Folders:



  • Manage your assets:

Sync, Cut, Copy, Paste,Rename, Delete, add a note or send by secure message by right clicking on an asset with your mouse and choose appropriate option from the context menu:


To rename or/and add note:



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