Session interface - Actions panel

Action panel will have different options depending on if you are  working on creating/editing a session, trying to connect to someone or in a live session.


Add a new scene to your presentation

Watch video tutorial "Add a new scene" (

Connect to another Reacts user from a contact list





After choosing option Connect you will be presented with the list of your contacts- just choose one of the contacts on the list and connect


Watch out video tutorial "Connect with a contact" (

Manage existing sessions or create new ones



 Watch video tutorial Sessions (New / Open / Save as / Close) (

Adjust audio/video settings, recover deleted inputs



Watch video tutorial "How to adjust settings from the main session interface" (

Begin a session while on a call


You will be presented with scene window to start building your session

Switch to Face to Face chat while in a Session mode

In a face to face mode you will have a camera input open on a screen so you can have a discussion with your counterpart.

Watch video tutorial on "Face to Face" (

Terminate a call

You will receive a message to confirm that you want to hang up:

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