3D objects in Reacts

 Watch video tutorial on 3D objects: Description / How to import them to Reacts / How to add them to a session / How to manipulate them (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OS2y-jvKeQM)

One of the unique features of Reacts is possibility to incorporate 3D objects into your presentations.

In order to add 3D objects to your Quickpicks go to Assets panel, choose 3D objects and click on "+" button , there are some 3D objects incorporated with the platform:

Note: You can not place 3D object as a Background asset

You can also import your own 3D objects to Reacts- see instruction in the document "Instruction on how to import your own 3D objects to Reacts"

After you added 3D object to your presentation you have multiple options available to manage and manipulate it:

  • to rotate 3D object- use your mouse while holding Ctrl button;
  • right click on an object with your mouse for additional options- Rename, Arrange, Scale, Rotate, Change Opacity and Zoom, Reset and Delete:



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