How do I find someone on Reacts contact list or invite someone to start using Reacts?


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How to invite contacts that are already Reacts users?

Receiving a contact request from another reacts user

How to invite friends or colleagues that do not have a Reacts access to join you on Reacts?


If you want to find someone on Reacts contact list, type in user's name or e-mail address in the search field:

  • this will allow you to filter through your contact list
  • or if you don't have a person on your contact list- simply click "Invite" next to a person's name

User will receive a notification about a new contact request:


User can accept or ignore new contact request:


If you want to invite someone to start using Reacts choose option: "Send an invitation to join Reacts":

New user will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to register and download Reacts.


If you want to delete your existing contact simply highlight the contact and choose "Remove", then Confirm on the following message:


Note: Can't find a contact? Make sure option "Show online users only" is unchecked and search field is Cleared


Your Reacts status:



Online- you can call or chat with other users and you are available for other users to call you or chat with you

Offline or Busy- no one can call you but you can call others

Pending- counterpart hasn't accepted your contact request yet

 Choose option "Show online users only" to filter your contacts to currently online



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