Version 2.7, released Aug 15, 2017


New in the Contacts panel: instant messaging shortcut and video calls icon

We have made some changes to the Contacts panel in order to render the interface even simpler and more user-friendly.


We have added an instant messaging icon that allows you to send a message directly from the Contacts panel. You just have to click on the icon to start or continue a conversation with your contacts.


The old "Connection" button, used to launch a video call in peer-to-peer mode, has been replaced by the video call icon. From now on, just click this icon to start your video call.


Automatic video stream shutdown in low bandwidth situations

To optimize the user experience, we have added algorithms which analyze the quality of the bandwidth available to each user during peer-to-peer sessions. If the bandwidth drops below a critical threshold that does not allow an adequate video stream transmission, Reacts automatically turns off the video stream of the user with inadequate bandwidth while maintaining their audio communication.

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